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January Clean-Up: Golf Carts, ATVs, Spring Break, and Company Cars

By January 15, 2020July 11th, 2021No Comments

After the holidays, January can seem a little gloomy. I get it. I’m a warm weather person and am counting down the days until sunshine and 70s! Part of my job as a Family Insurance Agent at Strate Insurance Group is helping customers stay on top of their coverage to make sure it fits their lifestyle.

Now is a great time to meet with your Family Insurance agent. Here are three topics perfect for January consideration:

  1. GOLF CARTS AND ATVs are popular household toys. Driving these vehicles on your property is perfectly acceptable. However, many golf cart owners use them to run errands, drive to the pool, or drive down the street to a neighbor’s house. If you drive your golf cart on a public road, it will likely be excluded from your personal auto policy. Also, having passengers who are not your family can be cause for concern. You want to make sure your golf cart is covered for 3rd party liability in case of an accident or injury.
  2. Many of you may be planning your SPRING BREAK TRIP to the beach. It’s important to know your auto policy may not extend to rented vehicles or watercraft. Check with your Family Insurance agent before your trip to review your coverage.
  3. Lastly, those of you in sales or management may drive a car primarily furnished by your company. This can be a tricky space to navigate, but the rule of thumb is to only use your company car for activities in scope of normal business operations. If your job does not consist of going to the grocery store, do not use your COMPANY CAR to run personal errands. If your company car is your primary vehicle, you still may need a personal auto policy that extends to company-owned vehicles.

At Strate Insurance Group, we believe providing insurance for your family is more than just getting a quote. It’s about sharing your lifestyle, goals, and planning for the future. Please stop by or call if you would like to discuss some of these questions with me.

You can call my direct line: 423-318-5805.

Have a great January!