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Thanks to Debra and the team at Strate Insurance Group. I had been very fortunate in that neither one of my children had been involved in fender benders. Then, within six weeks of one another, they both had car accidents. The response to my claims was swift and efficient. Thank you for making what could have been very stressful situation much easier.

Laura DickersonFamily Insurance Customer

Very professional and diligent in all areas. Each team member we've worked with has been excellent.

Patty ChristopherBusiness Insurance Customer

Rebecca Leach is a very knowledgeable insurance professional at Strate Insurance Company. She works tirelessly to provide commercial clients with the most comprehensive insurance available!

Mary Ruth WhetselBusiness Insurance Customer

I would like to commend Strate Insurance Group and especially, Christine Gosser, for the excellent service they have provided to us. Even though we are a very small company, if we encounter an issue or just a question, Christine is always there to assist us just as if we were a large corporation. Thank you Strate Insurance Group and especially you, Christine, for all you do for HEC-TINA, Inc.

Kim TillsonEmployee Benefits Customer

Every day I see folks whose lives are catastrophically changed because they are not adequately insured. Folks think "full coverage" is adequate and that is far from the truth. In Tennessee the minimum auto coverage required is $25,000/$50,000. In most instances this will barely cover an overnight stay in the hospital. A good insurance agent will tell you that you need a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 in liability and uninsured motorist limits. Three out of every 10 cars that you meet on the roadway are not insured so you must rely on your uninsured motorist coverage. NEVER waive that coverage. You can trust Strate Insurance Group to meet all your insurance needs. They are professionals who genuinely care about your protection and will advise you accordingly. They will take great care of you.

Denise Terry

After relocating (back) to Morristown a little over a year ago, Brandi Lane evaluated the coverage and pricing for two residences, autos and personal liability. She saved us thousands of dollars (literally) using her experience and expertise to fit the coverage to our unique situation. As it might happen, we have "tested" the auto coverage a couple times - specifically the towing option she suggested. It was a huge help when we found ourselves needing a tow three miles off paved roads in the Cherokee National Forest one Sunday afternoon. One call and some bit of explaining exactly where we were, got us connected with a friendly tow truck driver. Everything was taken care of. I’m sure drivers following us did a double take when realizing the car on the truck had two dogs enjoying the ride from the front seat! Thanks Brandi!

Don ShenemanFamily Insurance Customer

We just returned from a wonderful 40th anniversary trip. A few days afterward my wife was devastated to discover that she had lost a piece of jewelry that I had purchased for her on our trip. I called Debra Robinson at Strate, she asked for my documents and immediately contacted Westfield Insurance. They reached out to me over the telephone to verify what happened and in a matter of days we received a claim check and reordered the piece of jewelry. Thank you for restoring the lifetime memory of our special anniversary!

Joe SwannFamily Insurance Customer

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for always providing excellent customer service! I sincerely appreciate the great lengths that you go through to carefully explain coverage options for both my family and my business. Your personal touch and willingness to spend time exploring all options really stands out in a world that is increasingly consumed with making a quick dollar. I have been solicited by several insurance companies over the years, but I always tell them that I will never leave Tom Strate. I honestly feel that I have a friend in Tom Strate and Strate Insurance!

Brandon GoodmanBusiness and Family Insurance Customer

About Strate Insurance Group, Inc.

Strate Insurance Group, Inc is an independent insurance agency founded in 1978 by Jack and Tom Strate (father and son). We have always offered family and business insurance, as well as employee group benefits, and we recently started offering a wide array of financial services products as well. 

Some of our specialties include, home insuranceauto insuranceboat insurancelife insurancebrewery insurancenon-profit insuranceagricultural insurance and dental practice insuranceOver the years our team has grown from a team of 2, to a team of 20, proudly serving the Tennessee area including Morristown, Knoxville and the Tri-Cities.

At Strate Insurance Group, Inc, we have an independent spirit. This is in our business, but also very cultural to East Tennessee. We take a lot of pride in the work we do, how we help and serve our clients, and how we take care of each other as colleagues.

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Risk Factor

Most fires are devastating. Besides the emotional impact, the physical damage to your home can be significant. If you lost your home to fire, do you have adequate insurance to replace your home and its contents? Remember, inflation rates on building materials and construction costs rarely track with real estate values. As a result, rebuilding a home can often cost significantly more than expected.


Make sure your homeowners policy contains guaranteed replacement cost coverage. This protects you if the cost to reconstruct your home is higher than your current limit of coverage. Also be sure that your insurance includes rebuilding your home to code. Very often, local ordinances and building codes change over time, which may require additional costs.

Personal Property / Contents - Property Damage

Risk Factor

When your home suffers damage due to an unexpected event, your personal property is also at risk. Furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics and other personal items can also be damaged or destroyed.


Your homeowners insurance policy typically covers personal property, including the contents of your home and other personal items owned by you or family members who live with you. Make sure your homeowners policy includes replacement cost coverage for personal property so that you always receive the full cost to replace whatever item is damaged.

Additional Living Expense / Loss of Use

Risk Factor

When there is substantial damage to your home due to unexpected events such as lightning, fire or a storm, you may not be able to live in your home until it can be repaired or rebuilt – potentially incurring additional living expenses for lodging, food and other daily needs.


Ensure that your homeowners insurance policy provides additional living expense or loss of use coverage to compensate you for the additional costs you incur for reasonable housing and living expenses if a covered event makes your house temporarily uninhabitable while it's being repaired or rebuilt.

Jewelry, Fine Arts and Collectibles

Risk Factor

If your diamond ring disappears or valuable artwork is stolen, your standard homeowners policy may not compensate you for the loss. Homeowners policies include coverage for your belongings and personal property, but some special items like jewelry, furs, silverware, antiques, collectibles and other valuables have limited or no coverage and need to be insured separately.


Valuable possessions insurance covers personal property that may have unique value, cannot be replaced like regular personal property or is subject to special types of losses such as breakage or mysterious disappearance. For most valuable possession categories, there is no deductible applied at time of loss. Valuable possessions insurance can be added to your homeowners policy or may be written as a separate policy.

Medical Expenses

Risk Factor

If a guest is injured while on your property, even when it’s due to a friendly game of baseball, you may be required to pay any medical expenses associated with their injury.


Your homeowners policy should include medical expenses coverage to take care of injuries and treatment - generally not of a serious nature. In the event a person is injured on your property and requires medical attention, you would be able to submit the injury-related medical expenses to your insurance carrier. Medical expenses are usually paid without a liability claim being filed against you.

Personal Liability

Risk Factor

In the unfortunate event that someone slips and falls while on your property, you and your family may be held liable for any injuries that result.


Your homeowners policy includes personal liability coverage to respond to incidents where injuries or damages occur to a third party where you may be deemed negligent. However, you should consider purchasing a personal umbrella or excess liability policy to provide additional coverage limits to protect your assets in case a lawsuit is brought against you.

Miscellaneous Coverage

Risk Factor

The fun that comes with having a trampoline in your backyard can also be accompanied by serious risks, which may not be covered under your standard homeowners insurance policy since coverage varies from state to state and between insurance companies.


You should make sure your homeowners insurance policy covers your trampoline, as many insurance providers refuse to take on trampoline liability and exclude the item from coverage.

Personal Injury

Risk Factor

Young people are usually very active online. However, using social media and other sites can increase the possibility of them directly or indirectly damaging someone's reputation and exposing you, the parent, to a lawsuit.


Your homeowners insurance policy includes liability coverage for property damage caused by any member in the family, but it may not cover rumors or statements that damage a reputation. You need to add an endorsement to your policy to expand coverage to include liability protection that covers personal injury.

Umbrella / Excess Liability Coverage

Risk Factor

You invite guests over for a barbecue pool party and one of your guests dives into the shallow end of the pool and is permanently injured. They hire a lawyer to represent them and after a long legal battle, you and your family are left financially responsible for their injuries. Do you have enough money in savings to cover your legal responsibilities as well as the legal defense costs?


An umbrella or excess liability policy increases your personal liability limits by adding protection over and above your current auto, boat or homeowners policies - providing real financial value, as well as priceless peace of mind. Excess liability insurance is available either by an endorsement to your homeowners policy or available as separate coverage.

Flood Coverage

Risk Factor

You do not have to live near a body of water to suffer loss due to flooding. With the changing weather patterns and more damaging storms occurring around the globe, flood losses are becoming more common in places that are not normally prone to flood damage. Your homeowners policy does not cover damage from flood. Could your home be at risk?


Purchase a flood insurance policy to protect your home and covered contents from certain types of flood losses as designated by the National Flood Insurance Program. A flood policy is purchased as a separate policy through the federal program (NFIP) or through a servicing carrier known as a write your own carrier.

Secondary Home

Risk Factor

Owning a secondary home has the potential of increasing your liability exposures.


Be certain that you extend the liability coverage under your homeowners policy to include your secondary home. You should also consider including the secondary home under an excess liability or umbrella policy to provide for additional liability limits.

Collector Cars

Risk Factor

Collector vehicles often have significant value and require specialized insurance coverage and claims handling.


Schedule your collectible vehicle on a separate collector car policy. By doing so, you are protecting the vehicle for either the appraised value or market value.

Wine Collection

Risk Factor

If you are a connoisseur of wine, you know that it is susceptible to outside environmental exposures that can ruin it. If the collection is damaged, coverage from your homeowners policy is a possible recourse. However, the damage is only insurable if it is a covered cause of loss as outlined in your homeowners policy. A deductible would also apply.


If you have a sizable wine collection, you may want to consider scheduling the collection on your homeowners policy. Doing so expands your coverage and eliminates the deductible in case of a loss. You can also consider unique coverages for wine, such as for spoilage.

Water Back-Up

Risk Factor

Most homeowners policies exclude coverage for water back-up damages as a result of a clogged drain, sewer or sump pump.


Water back-up coverage can be added to most insurance policies. Consider adding it so that you have the coverage you need in the event of damages caused by a clogged drain, sewer, sump pump and related risks.

Off-Premises Theft

Risk Factor

Surprisingly, standard auto insurance does not cover personal property or contents stolen from your car.


Most homeowners policies offer an option to include off-premises theft coverage as an endorsement, which covers you for theft of your personal property away from your residence.

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