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The Great Reshuffle and Workers Compensation

By August 15, 2022October 27th, 2022No Comments

Over the past year, many employees have left their jobs in search of positions that offer greater work-life balance, flexibility, and benefits, coining a new employment trend called the “Great Reshuffle.”

This trend has led to a rise in short-tenured employees and increased labor shifts between industries. Such changes present several workers’ compensation implications.

According to the NCCI, short-tenured employees have significantly higher injury frequency rates than their long-tenured counterparts, potentially contributing to additional workers’ compensation claims. This is especially prevalent in the construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade sectors.

The good news for employers is the Great Reshuffle will eventually slow down. While it may cause short-term frequency anomalies with workers’ comp claims, it is not likely to impact long-term industry trends.

To prevent workplace injury, double down on new employee safety training. You may also want to consider looking at your employee reward system to find new ways to reward employees for exhibiting safe behavior.

If your insurance provider is not talking to you about ways to mitigate risk, you should expect more from your relationship. Give our team at Strate Insurance a call, and we would love to help: 423-318-5800.