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School Supply Drive Results

By August 15, 2019January 14th, 2020No Comments

This fall, our team decided to host a school supplies drive to help two schools in Morristown: Fairview-Marguerite and West Elementary. I served as our event organizer and wanted to share what our team was able to accomplish together. 

I want to give a big Thank You to everyone who donated school supplies and money for this project.  As someone whose mom was a teacher for many years, and who has many teacher friends, I know how much money teachers spend out-of-pocket for their daily needs in their classrooms. Also, as someone who has to provide school supplies for three kids of my own, I know how expensive it can be for the parents. 

Even though we are a fairly small office based on number of employees, the amount of heart and caring that is shown at times like this speaks volumes!!! I am amazed at the amount of supplies we were able to donate to West Elementary and FairviewMarguerite just from the time and money provided by the employees in this office. 

The first picture is of the supplies that went to West Elementary.  The second picture is of the supplies that went to FairviewMarguerite. Brandi Lane and I delivered the supplies to West Elementary, and they asked us to be sure everyone knows how much they appreciate it all.  The principal made the comment that they will have kids fighting over all of this “good stuff”! 

Katherine Strate Smith and Madison Mitchell delivered the supplies to Fairview-Marguerite, and they were thrilled to receive so many goodies.  

Lastly, thank you again to all who assisted in any way to make this school supply drive possible! This was a very positive and rewarding experience we were thrilled to do for our community. We wish everyone a fantastic school year! 

Kellie and Brandi Deliver School Supplies

Katherine and Madison Deliver School Supplies