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Family Insurance

Give Life

By April 16, 2020July 11th, 2021No Comments

We have used this space in the past to talk about love insurance, or more commonly
called life insurance. The strange times that we are living in remind us of the frailty of
life. The news is filled with stories of people in excellent health who become deathly ill.
Some survive and some do not.

We don’t want to use this space to scare anyone, but Covid-19 reminds us of our family
and financial responsibilities. For most people, life insurance is very inexpensive and
readily available. It does not require a lot of complicated analysis.

Life insurance can pay for your funeral costs, monthly household bills, outstanding
debts (including credit cards and the mortgage), protect a family business, and protect
your spouse’s retirement plans. It can also pay for childcare and college tuition.

Your family would be emotionally lost without you. Consider how much worse your
families’ loss would be without your financial support. Now is the time to call and make
plans to take care of your family. Take the next step and call me at 423-318-5803.