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Don’t be Distracted: the dangers of driving and multi-tasking

By April 21, 2021No Comments

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Of all crashes, more than 90 percent involve driver inattention within a three-second window of the incident.

Play your part this month (and every month) by following these steps to avoid distractions while you drive—keeping both yourself and others safe on the road.

First, do not talk on your cell phone or send text messages. If you absolutely must conduct a conversation, use a hands-free device. If your car does not have Bluetooth capability, did you know you can purchase a Bluetooth device to give your car hands-free capability?

Second, only adjust the radio when you are completely stopped. Speaking from personal experience as a mother who is constantly asked to play “Baby Shark,” we have a rule that we pick the music before we start driving.

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Lastly, if you are a business owner and have employees that drive, consider implementing a safe driving policy and providing driver training. You could also research a telematics device like Philadelphia Insurance Companies’ PHLY Trac that tracks driver behavior. These are proven methods to prevent an accident and correct any bad habits before something bad happens.

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Allowing yourself to become distracted while driving can lead to dangerous, and even fatal, consequences. Be a responsible motorist and make paying attention to the road your number one priority when you’re behind the wheel. Be safe!