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Spring Forward Without Workplace Slips and Falls

By March 16, 2021July 11th, 2021No Comments

A Guide to Preventing Workplace Slips and Falls During Rainy Season

It’s that time of year again in East Tennessee when the mornings are filled with the pleasant warbles of birdsong and the evening sunlight sticks around at least long enough for the dinner plates to be cleaned. Spring is finally here and the cold, gray days of winter have given way to… rain. Inches and inches of soaking rain. If you’re a business owner in Tennessee, you already know that the rainy season brings more hardships than just leaky roofs. It’s also the time of year when workplace slips and falls can occur.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, other than transportation-related injuries, slip and fall incidents make up the majority of industry accidents. They account for 25 percent of all reported injury claims per year and more than 95 million lost work days with reported injuries ranging from a bruise-battered knee cap to traumatic brain damage.

Tips for Preventing Workplace Slips and Falls

While some workplace slips and falls are unavoidable, here are a few simple precautions business owners can take to prevent incidents.

Keep It Clean

A clean workplace and a safe workplace have an undeniable correlation. Since most slip and fall incidents are a product of a foot losing traction with the ground, the importance of keeping your employee and customer spaces free of clutter and keeping walking spaces free of moisture or grease is paramount. Every morning, make sure that all walkways are free of obstacles and that all floors are clean and dry. Clean up spills immediately and invest in moisture absorbent mats for entrances and work areas. It’s also handy to have “wet floor” signs to alert customers to dangerous conditions while employees are preparing to clean up.

Let Your Little Light shine

If a clutter-free workspace is the peanut butter of your safety sandwich, proper lighting is the jelly. By making sure your aisles, walkways and patios are properly lit, you can prevent the majority of fall events even if you do have an unknown hazard like an uneven tile or slick spot. Well lighted spaces allow your employees and patrons to recognize and alert you to these conditions before an accident occurs.

Encourage Safe Behavior

The unpredictable nature of human behavior is why it is impossible to completely avoid workplace slips and falls. Humans become distracted and can let their guard down. And that’s when accidents tend to happen. As a business owner, you can lay out a simple safety plan for your employees and customers to discourage behaviors like running in the workplace, wearing sunglasses or hats in low-light areas and restricting cell phone use to prevent visual and auditory distractions.

Happy spring, stay safe and stay diligent!