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Five Tips to Avoid Being a Goofy RV Driver

By June 17, 2021July 11th, 2021No Comments

Have you seen the old Mickey Mouse cartoon where Mickey, Goofy, and Donald go on a camping trip? Goofy is driving the vehicle that’s pulling the camper, while Donald and Mickey ride inside the camper. Mickey rings the bell for mealtime, and Goofy jumps out of the (moving) vehicle to eat inside the camper. As you can imagine, chaos ensues.

To prevent your own chaotic drive, follow these five recreational vehicle safety tips to avoid being a Goofy RV driver.

Perform a pre-trip safety inspection.

Inspect your headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Check your oil levels, tire pressure, and tread depth. Take a look at your windshield wipers, belts, and towing equipment. Finally, make sure you know your vehicle’s weight capacity and height.

Take the usual precautions more seriously.

As you know, your RV is much heavier than your everyday vehicle. That means navigating tricky terrain, like blind curves, calls for extra caution. And like any good driver, buckle up.

Drive extra carefully at night.

Watch your speed, and use your high beams. You never know when a critter—or a goofy driver—could get in your way.

Store your vehicle in a safe, secure location.

Make sure every trip is enjoyable by taking care of your prized possession and storing it in the safest place possible.

Keep your insurance agent’s contact information on hand.

At various points in the Mickey Mouse cartoon, Donald tries to call the police, prays, and hangs out the window and yells “Help!” Hopefully you will never be in Donald’s situation. A trusted insurance advisor like Strate Insurance Group can help prevent that and walk with you in the event an accident does occur.

Don’t have a trusted insurance advisor? Reach out to me at 423-318-5805. We can talk camping, RVs, and how to avoid being a goofy RV driver.